Why You Need to Hire a Videographer For Your Wedding Day

While we are frequently taken by some of the gorgeous wedding films we come across, we are still surprised when couples don’t have one for their wedding! Whether it’s the extra cost or the necessity, especially during these extraordinary times, we are here to show you all the reasons you should at least consider hiring a videographer for your big day.

1. Captures Emotions in Real Time. While a photo can reference a single moment, your videographer is getting everything – all the raw, real moments as they occur in RT. Then they will work their editing magic and turn those moments into a gorgeous film unique to your love story. You will get to re-live your first look, your I do’s, your first dance, everything – including the one- time your grandparents busted a move on the dance floor.

2. Easily Share It With Family and Friends. With platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo and our own Real Player you can easily share your film with all of your family and friends instantly. And for all of you couples planning a destination wedding or elopement, a video becomes a priceless way to share that experience with those not in attendance.

3. See Your Entire Day – Even The Parts you missed. We have all heard the saying “time flies when your having fun” and your wedding will be no exception. It will be over before you know it, and you probably won’t get to see everything that happens in that time. That is where a videographer pays off. They will capture all those little moments you missed throughout your wedding so you can enjoy them at a later time.

4. Watch It Over and Over Again. – From your personal vows to the love and laughter shared during the speeches, to the music played during your first dance, a video captures all those memorable moments you will want to treasure cherish forever. Our couples often tell us that the video of their wedding day was the best money they spent on the event totally priceless. Watch is every year on your anniversary, and even share it with you future kids and grandkids. It is your forever to have and to hold.